Vacation Like a Rockstar in LA

Los Angeles is probably home to the largest number of celebrities in the world due to its booming film and television industry. Celebrities are no stranger to the luxury lifestyle and if you’re going to go and visit why not embrace the celebrity lifestyle by pretending you are a celebrity for your holiday, here are some tips to have a holiday like a celebrity:


Where to stay

The first step is renting your own private vacation villa in LA, this could be an amazing pad in the Hollywood hills or a beachfront house in Malibu. Whatever you decide to go with make sure you love it and don’t compromise, don’t forget you are there to holiday in style.

Attitude is everything

Celebrities are in a very privileged position and for good reason, they need to behave in a way that does not damage their public image. As a result it is important to act politely, courteously and do not act like “fame” has gone to your head. This is one of the most important parts of your holiday, because people will be more likely to treat you better if you act in the right way, they may also be intrigued by your mystique, even though you are not actually a celebrity.

Get someone else to do it for you

Want to go to that famous and exclusive bar or restaurant that has a twelve month waiting list? Don’t just show up and see if you can gain entry or a table, you need to be more calculated and plan this very carefully, do not under any circumstances call as yourself and try and reserve a table, this takes away from the importance that you are trying to project. Instead get someone to do it for you, this will give you the best chance and make the restaurant, bar or club feel as if you are more important as you have someone making the call on your behalf. If possible speak to the people or company that you rented your villa from and see if they can organize entry or a table for you, as they may have connections.

Bring your Friends

Celebrities are constantly travelling and because of this they always bring their entourage with them everywhere, this is usually their friends, family and most trusted advisors. You may not have all of this, but bring your friends and family along and share the experience with them, it will certainly be a memory that you will never forget.

Travel in Style

Book or upgrade to a first class ticket and enjoy all the perks of flying in style, such as the great food and make sure you take advantage of the airport lounge. LA is an extremely big place and public transport is extremely time consuming, so it is important to hire a driver for your stay. Having a driver will also allow you to enjoy your surroundings more and make you feel as special as celebrities do.

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