How to save money for your travel

Everyone loves getting away for a break, some people like to go for much longer than a week and would like to keep going for as long as the money will allow.

I took inspiration from Paul Hurdsfield who had so many amazing ideas about how easy it can be for people to save money in order to afford their travels. People don’t realise that with some simple life changes they can end up with so much more money in the bank which will allow them to travel for longer than they thought.

Paul Hurdsfield has been travelling a lot throughout the years so I wanted to ask him what are some great ways to save money for your travels. I was really happy to hear the suggestions because I think they’re things we can all do with ease.

Pass On The Latte

When you walk to work you will see every other person holding a starbucks in their hand, I was one of those people. On somedays I would maybe have 2 throughout the day – that worked out at nearly $10 a day. So if you give up the latte for a month you will save $300 a month, that’s a pretty hefty saving by just not drinking starbucks. If you do need a coffee kick then just buy a jar of coffee and make your own.

Pack A Lunch

Going out for lunch everyday at work, plus your morning and afternoon snack can really add up. Let’s say lunch is $10 and the snacks $10, that works out at $20 a day. You can easily save money by making your own lunch and bringing along your own snack. All you have to do is buy the ingredients online and then make up the lunch each night before work. I was able to do this for just $5 a day and I never went hungry or felt like I was missing out on tasty food. That’s a saving of $15 a day – $450 a month!

Beers At Home

Now I am not saying drink at home all the time, this refers to having beers at home with your mates at the weekend instead of hitting the town. On a night out it is easy to spend $150 if you go for food, hit the bar and then the nightclub. We all know that you can buy beers and snacks for a fraction of that price in the store, so this could easily save you well over $400 a month!

Add this up and you’ll be saving $1150 a month with 3 simple changes. You can easily make more lifestyle changes to save even more.