Why Your Kids Will Love a Camping Holiday 

I have long felt that parents put far too much pressure on what a summer holiday should look like and I often see friends and family of mine spend far too much on their trip, leaving them short for the following months, and under a bit of pressure. The fact of the matter is that a family holiday should be very simple and it should include just 3 things, fun, being together and trying out new things. A trip abroad is great of course but sometimes things can be much simpler, and you can have an even better trip. This is why I have taken my family on camping holidays in Cornwall and across the UK for many years. We do still venture abroad but we just adore our time together when we go camping. If you have kids then here is why they will love a camping trip. 



We all know that kids can get bored pretty quickly but when it comes to a camping trip this doesn’t happen as much because of the wide range of outdoors activities which there are to get involved with. Any family-friendly campsite worth its salt in the UK has a broad range of outdoor pursuits which the kids can get involved with and these can be anything from canoeing to archery, climbing to hiking, bike rides to catamaran trips. The kids will never be bored when they go camping. 

Time Together 

My favorite reason for taking the kids camping is that it presents us with a wonderful opportunity to spend more time together. When you go abroad there is often too much to see and do to really spend some quality time with your kids, and this is something which I always miss. For me there is nothing like sitting at night with my son, watching the fire crackle, looking at the stars and talking about things with him. I have found out more about my children during these quiet moments than I ever thought possible. 


We all bemoan the fact that kids just stay home and watch TV or play on games, but when you go camping there is far less temptation to do that given the lack of electricity. If we are being honest thought, kids just love the outdoors, they love finding things, they love getting dirty and they love getting in touch with nature. Many kids, ours included, don’t have too many opportunities to do this because of where we live, and watching them discover the natural world when we go camping is just something which really puts a smile on my face. 

Parents and kids alike will love a camping trip, it offers a unique holiday which they will never forget and most importantly it gives everyone the chance to get away for a while and enjoy those three most important aspects of a family holiday, fun, spending time and trying out new things. Why not give it a try this year?