5 reasons to visit Hakuba

You may have read huge amounts about skiing in Japan over the years because there are so many great places to ski here. One of the less visited places is Hakuba, although you might have heard of it because in 1998 there were some Olympic events held there. Hakuba skiing is some of the finest you will experience anywhere on the planet.

Here are 5 reasons to visit Hakuba on your next ski holiday.

The Slopes

Hakuba is located in the heart of the alps and is fast becoming one of the best winter resorts the country has to offer. You have loads of choice because there’s a whopping 9 resorts dotted along the valley. The Alps are blessed with the best downfall in all of Japan, so you can always expect to be enjoying quality snow.

Easy To Get To

People love Hakuba because it is so accessible. If you’re arriving into Narita then you just hop on a bus or taxi. If you fly in to Tokyo then you can catch the famous bullet train from the main train station – the bullet train is the quickest way to reach Hakuba and is quite the experience.


The Olympics

Any skier has at one point been carving up the slopes thinking that they are just like the pros they see on the tv. Well, now you can ski the same slopes the Olympic greats used back in 1998. So if you want that champion feeling Hakuba is the place for you, you can fly down that mountain as fast as you like.

The Food

The food in Japan is always good and Hakuba is no exception. The region is home to soba noodles, due to the natural surroundings locals grow exceptional buckwheat which makes soba – indulge in as much as possible because when you get back on the plane you will be missing it already! There are plenty of restaurants for you to choose from so you’ll be able to try out a wide variety of Japanese cuisine, and if you want some western food there are plenty of options here for you.


Fun For The Family

If you have kids then you will always bring them skiing with you and that’s why I love Hakuba. In short the facilities for the kids here are nothing short of spectacular. There are some awesome ski schools for kids of all ages, but if you’ve got little ones not quite ready for the slopes there’s the Ma’am Club nursery to lend you a helping hand while you enjoy a day out on the slopes.

Have you been to Hakuba before? I would love to hear all about your holiday and other reasons why you think people should visit – just pop your thoughts in the comment section below.