Out-of-State accidents and injuries while on vacation

It’s a fact of life; as careful as you try to be on vacation, accidents do happen. In many instances, injuries can occur in a second or two and are often the result of something as innocuous as slipping on a curb. However, if these injuries aren’t treated quickly, they can become a more serious problem. And, when you’re away from home and out-of-state, it’s vital to seek the right medical care through the correct channels.


It only takes moments for a vacation to take a turn for the worse. Instantly, the happy times being spent with friends and loved ones are replaced with worrisome trips to the ER and phone calls to medical insurance companies to try and get your treatment sorted out. Common accidents include collisions when driving, slips and falls, and medical emergencies stemming from an allergic reaction or perhaps just drinking too much! Particularly in the case of driving, it’s important to know your rights when traveling, especially if you’re in another state or even more so when abroad.

When traveling in another state, it’s essential to know about local laws. Many laws vary between states, so reading up on seat belt laws, drunken driving legislation, other traffic law, cell phone and texting rules, and motorcycle helmet guidelines are vital for those using the roads. In addition, understanding local state dog leash and dog bite laws are vital if you’re either traveling with your pet or are likely to be in place where dogs are around. If an accident occurs because the law was broken, then you can be liable for any resulting costs.

Another important piece of advice is to contact out of state Personal Injury Lawyers if an accident or injury does occur. Insurance laws can also vary between states, so it’s a good idea to talk to a professional who knows about local legislation. In addition, there are various conditions that could affect any claim for compensation, and these will depend on which state you’re visiting.

Immediately after suffering an accident, it’s important to take the right action. Firstly, seek medical help by calling 9-1-1 if anyone is injured, before reporting accidents to the police and filing an incident report. Evidence should also be gathered by taking photographs of the scene and if appropriate any damaged vehicles, any visible injuries and images that illustrate how the accident was caused, for example, taking pictures of a slippery walkway that caused a fall. Meanwhile, if there are any witnesses, their details should also be noted down. In addition, when dealing with official reports or insurance forms, take care with what’s said and signed because it may result in less compensation being offered.

By knowing your rights and who to call if something does go wrong when you are on vacation, you can safeguard yourself and ensure you’ll get the best medical care and compensation if an injury or accident does occur.