Ways to Save Money on Travel Transportation

Anyone who’s ever planned a vacation knows that transportation takes up a large portion of the budget. Even after you’ve arrived at your destination, you’ll need to have the means to get around and explore. Fortunately, there are a lot of tricks and money-saving ideas you can try so that you can reduce the cost of transportation travel. Check out some of these ideas below:

Traveling By Car

If you’re traveling by car there are plenty of ways to keep the costs down:

  • Complete all car maintenance to avoid having to pay costly repairs out of town

  • Try to find routes that allow you to get where you’re going without paying tolls

  • Download apps that make finding gas easy and affordable

  • Pack light so you don’t weigh down the car and drive up gas prices

Traveling By Bike

Motorcycle trips can be some of the most amazing rides you’ve ever experienced. If you’re going alone or with a significant other, this could be more affordable than driving your car:

  • Make sure you have cheap motorcycle insurance to prevent having to pay damages in the event of an accident.

  • Have the bike inspected prior to leaving for any repairs or maintenance to avoid costly repairs in a foreign place.

  • If you don’t own a bike, look into renting one as this too can be affordable.

  • Choose highway miles over scenic routes to save on the cost of gas.

Traveling By Plane

Flying is one of the most common methods used for transportation, but also one of the most expensive. Here are some tips for keeping those costs down:

  • Pack light to avoid paying baggage fees

  • Shop around for the best deals on flights

  • Opt to travel during the week to save money on rates

  • Book your vacation in a package deal that includes hotel and airline tickets

  • Ask about discounts

Rental Cars

Often used as a method of transportation for getting around once you’ve arrived at your destination, rental cars can be convenient if you know how to slash those costs.

  • Avoid luxury or large cars unless necessary

  • Reserve your vehicle during the week instead of weekends

  • Pick your vehicle up from a non-airport location

  • Use your own car insurance

  • Bring your own GPS and car seats

  • Only use one driver

  • Ask about discounts for certain memberships and jobs (i.e. AAA or government employees)

Traveling By Bus

If you like the idea of seeing sights as you pass by but don’t want to be the one behind the driver wheel, you could always travel by bus. Here are some ways to save:

  • Use your job, student affiliation, or age to receive discounts

  • Book round-trip tickets for better deals

  • Try to find non-stop bus routes so you don’t have to pay for additional connections

  • Pack some food for the road so you don’t have to buy food from the bus station

  • Pack light to avoid additional fees

These are just a few of the methods of transportation you can use on your next trip. If you’re trying to keep travel costs down, you’ll want to use as many of these strategies as possible to get a deal. The more money you’re able to save on transportation, the more you have to put towards things you want to do while traveling. Now that you’ve decided on a ride and managed to save a ton of money in the process, all that’s left to do is pack your bags and get ready to have an amazing time.