A Guide To The Nightlife Scene In Malta


Malta is an incredibly popular holiday destination, with plenty to see and a thriving tourist culture. The little patch of islands holds such a unique charm and there’s no better place to experience its vibrant and diverse culture than in its nightlife.

There are attractions for visitors of all types in Malta after the sun’s gone down, so you can rest assured that you will find something that suits your taste. Here is a brief guide that breaks down all the main areas of Malta’s thriving nightlife. 

Early Evening

By far the best spot for a bustling evening scene is in the capital city of Valletta. Recently, the area has made a conscious effort to up their nightlife game and the results are clear. There are now many restaurants available where you can enjoy the local cuisine in the cool evening air.

Alongside this, the two harbors have been through recent renovations and are now home to a strip of demure bars. These spots are the ideal place to sit out after you’ve eaten and enjoy the spectacular nighttime views across the water. Many of these bars are home to live music acts, so are great to enjoy an array of jazz, classical, pop and folk sounds.



For those looking for something a bit more lively, Malta has also become a flourishing hub for the clubbing scene. The islands are very often graced with big-name international DJ’s who throw legendary parties all year round. Particularly for house lovers, there are endless opportunities to get down and throw some shapes on the dance floor.
The main area to indulge in these sorts of venues is most definitely Paceville, which can be found on the coast near to St. Julians. There’s clubs to cater for for every type of partygoer, from gentleman’s lounges to a thriving LGBT scene, and there’s a good chance you’ll end up out till way past dawn.

Annual Festivals
As well as the recurrent nightlife events that are alive and kicking all year round, Malta is home to many annual and local festivals that are well worth scheduling your visit around. The Malta Arts festival is an exciting yearly event that hosts skilled performers and artists from many disciplines that will delight all visitors. There’s even several master classes on offer if you’re looking to hone your skills.


There are also a whole array of more classic events that will give you insight in Malta’s culture and history. The Valletta Baroque festival is yearly smash hit; other highlights include the Opera Festival, Choir Festival and the world renowned international Jazz Festival.

Alternate Entertainment

If you’re traveling with children, or just prefer an alternative evening experience, there are also many cinemas and theatres across the county. The Manoel Theatre hosts an exciting program of shows throughout the year and is a historical wonder in its own right. Built in 1732, it’s one of the oldest performance venues in Europe and its Baroque architecture is a sight to marvel at.


Alongside theatre, the stage also houses many unique and exciting cultural events. These range from poetry slam performances to traditional folk music concerts and even the occasional rock show.

Malta has so much for visitors enjoy, both day and night. If you know of any other worthwhile evening attractions then be sure to leave us a comment below with your ideas!

89This is a guest post sponsored by The Radisson Blu and written by Steve Ewins.  An avid Traveller who has visited more than 80 countries.