Can you visit Antarctica?


You may have often wondered about the last continent on earth and what actually happens there, but the most interesting thing is that it is actually possible to visit this frozen wonderland. I recently got the once in a lifetime opportunity to go there and it was one of the greatest experiences of my entire life. I thought j should write about it for those thinking about the possibility of visiting this amazing place.

You quite literally have to travel to the end of the earth in order to travel to Antarctica, there is no other way to do this, but don’t worry it is well and truly worth it. You would usually take a cruise ship from Argentina to Antarctica across the Drake Passage.  This journey can take a few days and can be a little rough, but it is definitely worth the trek and you will come away with some memories that you will never ever forget. Argentina to Antarctica feels very real when you do it and there is a real sense of seriousness on the cruise ship, you know that something special is coming.

How long should you go for
This is a difficult question to answer and every person is different and the length of your trip will depend on availability, your budget and of course, how much time you have for a trip. I went for an amazing three weeks and I think that this will be enough go most people, but if you can sneak a bit of extra time, then you definitely should go the whole month. The longest cruises go for about a month and the shortest for about 10 days. You should also take into account that actually getting to Antarctica from South America can take some time too.

What are you going to see
The best thing about Antarctica is the unique land and seascape that you aren’t going to see anywhere else in the entire world. Where else in the world can you find a frozen place that is actually a desert?

The view of Antarctica when you first see it is going to be something that you never ever forget and this is something that will stick in my mind forever. Just imagine the sight of endless ice, icebergs, glaciers, and mountains. There are not really any words to describe how amazing this really is and no picture is going to look as good, you just have to see it and believe it. My tip would be to bring a camera, because you are most certainly going to need it. I can guarantee that you will be taking the most pictures that you have ever taken in your life.

The wildlife is also highly unique there too and was perhaps my favourite part about visiting Antarctica. I loved watching the penguins frolic around and play all day long. It was great because at any point of the day (or night) you could see a number of different wildlife. It was great to see seals resting on giant slabs of ice in the sea, or whales gracefully swimming around in the sea.