The USA is a destination which divides opinion in travel. Some love its diversity and opportunity to see almost any kind of environment or experience on the planet. Others dislike the huge distances and massive divide in people and places.

Below we’ve pulled out 3 reasons why we love travelling the US of A, and 3 alternatives which might float your boat instead:


One great reason you should visit America is to do Camp America, one of the most popular volunteer programs around the world. You not only have an opportunity to explore America and the world at large but you meet many young people from all over the world as you volunteer there. In the camp you can work directly with the children as they engage in different activities or work behind the scenes in other special areas.

Another great travel option in the US is taking a road trip! There is no better way to experience America than taking a road trip through its water front towns past it stunning vistas and rugged cliffs that dot the vast American landscapes. In fact road trips are a classic American past time and they will not end any time soon. Choosing the right route may be difficult. However, establish what you really want to experience and see then choosing a route will be easy.

New York City. Need we say more? This appealing American city is hard to conquer in a single day; it is full of attractions and historic monuments that will blow your mind. The must see land marks of NYC are the Statue of Liberty, Times Square and Metropolitan Museum of Art. Another great spot is the Central Park where you can enjoy the gardens and relax or hire a bike and explore the vibrant environment. If you’re visiting the US, you have to visit NYC.


If going stateside isn’t your cup of tea, then we’ve got some great alternatives!

Fancy a beach break? Bali is an ideal tropical island with its black sand beaches, verdant rice terraces, traditional villages and cliff top temples. This island’s lengthy spectacular coastline offers some of the best beaches in the world making it a touristic hotspot. You can laze around on the idyllic beaches; Pantai Genger is suitable for romance, the impossible beach is ideal for surfers while Amed is tranquil and peaceful. There is every reason to visit, the pace of life is fast and fun and the night life is particularly lively. Rent a villa in Bali and you may find days turning to weeks and turning to months…

For an alternative city break, Russia is a dream spot. Russia is a vast country and has very many attractions, diverse landscapes, historical heritage and spectacular cities. From the dazzling St Petersburg to the incredible Moscow and the treasures of the little known cities that are off the beaten path, Russia’s urban life has so much to be seen.

For history and tranquility visit the city of Nizhniy Novgorod which has survived for centuries. The city of Samara is the largest industrial city in Russia while Tomsk is the ideal town to experience culture and rural life. Whichever you choose, your visit to Russia will always end in delight and enchantment!

For a more rural escape, >Nepal is a great country and is a hot spot for natural enthusiasts; it has great hiking trails for everyone who loves nature from less demanding trails to the more challenging trails on the Himalayas. The Poon Hill is famous for its views of spectacular sunsets while the lush countryside of Tansen offers you an opportunity to explore the culture of the locals. As you trek in Nepal you will discover the birth place of Buddha and see ancient temples, enjoy the wildlife and just marvel at the natural beauty.