The Top Historical Attractions You Can’t Miss Out in London

The importance of London, on a historical as well as a global scale, can’t be misunderstood, no matter how little you know about the UK’s capital. Millions of people flock to London every year, some for a vacation, others for business, but there’s no doubt that nearly all want to stay that little while longer, just to see some of the specular sights one last time.

London offers so many historical attractions that it’s hard to keep up, and whether you’re travelling with your family, friends or loved ones, you’re sure to have the holiday of a lifetime in the capital this year. Whatever the reason for your trip you’ll find the best hotels in London that perfectly suits your needs. Let’s take a look at some of the main historical attractions not to be missed in London!

Westminster Abbey

 Westminster Abbey is one of London’s crowning historical monuments, and it’s so much more than a place of worship too. Not only do huge slabs of stone serve up the country’s wonderful history, but so many great English monarchs have been interred here, from George Ii to Henry III.

Technically, a cathedral must bear a bishop in order for it to carry true stature, but in the case of Westminster Abbey, this cathedral is known all over the world simply by reputation. William the Conqueror, and every monarch after him, was crowned at Westminster Abbey, and the structure stands not only as a symbol of national achievement, but also as the skyline’s most beautiful sight.

The building itself expresses a mixture of architectural designs and styles, however when it comes to the Gothic theme, the cathedral stands as one of the earliest English examples. The original church was built in the 11th century, and in later years more parts to the cathedral were added. If you can divert your eyes from the stunning exterior, take a look inside. From the fantastic stained glass windows to the huge wooden beams that echo across the ceiling, there’s no doubt that Westminster Abbey is one of England’s most treasured monuments.

The Natural History Museum

 This building may not be as old as many of the other London greats, however it is an institution that will certainly last hundreds of years. Many parts of the Natural History Museum are of the Gothic Revival, and it’s a humbling thought to be surrounded by so much physical and visual history in one place. There’s nowhere else in London where you’ll be able to experience so much natural education under one roof, and from the sea to the sky, dinosaurs to the depths of the human body, a single day in the Natural History Museum is never enough.

If you’re travelling with your children to London this year, then the Natural History Museum is a must-visit. There’s are so many amazing exhibitions on offer that its hard to keep up, and it’s not just the huge displays that capture your undivided attention, it’s the little ones too. There are a variety of zones, from reptiles and marine life to extinct animals and ancient artefacts, that not only educate, but also encourage to discover more about the earth’s natural history like never before.