Phuket: The Best of Thai Culture

Phuket is an amazing and fascinating place to visit, and one of the hottest holiday destinations in the world right now. With a land area estimated to be 540 square kilometers, the island is endowed with a spectacular coastline, beautiful natural sights, ranges of outdoor sporting activities, shopping areas and a lot of nightlife events making it an outstanding tourist site.

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Phuket is surrounded by dozens of smaller islands that are easily reached by canoes and boats, and adding to the natural wonders of Phuket is a bridge located on the northern side of the island. The bridge offers a platform for a beautiful view of the island’s features.

The History and Culture of Phuket

The island’s history spans back to many years of hosting foreigners. The town was found by Indian colonialists at the beginning of 1st century B.C. however presently, the majority of the inhabitants of the island are Thai while the minorities are Chinese.

This mixture has brought cultural diversity and art, ranging from Thai religious paintings that have been in existence for more than 150 years to Thai sculptures dating back to 14th century that represent Buddha (which are found in most temples). The architecture of the temples is influenced by Chinese, Hindu, Burmese and Khmer cultures, and the clothes are made with silk textiles – something that have long been associated with the Thai culture.

Trading and Languages

The backbone of Phuket’s economy is its rich natural reserves of animal hides, pearls, ivory, timber and gems. It has been attracting a huge number of traders and explorers from China, Arabia, Sri Lanka, Portugal, Britain, France and the Netherlands since the island was discovered. It still retains this influx of people to this day through its thriving tourism culture and if you’ve yet to add it to your list of places visited then you can search for cheap airfares today at

Phuket offers a spectacular blend of languages, but the influential ones are based on the numbers. Thai, which is a member of the Tai language, is the chief tongue due to the huge amount of people that speak it. Other local dialects that are used in formal setups include Lao, Mon-Khmer, Chinese and Lao. English is the official language and used in schools, colleges, business and government offices.

Music and Dance

Thai music is usually very intricate and Thai drama is the art that accompanies it. The commonly used instruments are woodwind, and musicians have a unique style of playing their music by ear. Thai music is performed seated, and the percussion is made by groups of 5 or 10 piece ensembles. Furthermore, their dancing was borrowed from the Indian culture.

It involves a series of swaying and gestures that are meant to interpret the story covered by the music. Paying attention to even slight moves being made by performers in elaborate costumes and headgear is a key thing as it helps connect with the story.

Phuket as a Destination for Tourists

The island has maintained its ranks just like the old days as a foreigner’s destination. It receives millions of visitors every year, and it has continued to win the hearts of millions due to hospitality shown by the locals. The beauty that attracts these millions of tourists ranges from pre-natural sites to land and water based activities that always ensure liveliness in this island.