Best Way To Spend Time Outside This Summer

Summer is the time to try new things and be adventurous. The days begin to last longer and our energy increases to maximise each of those days. This is what makes summer the perfect time to try all the things we have been putting off or do some of the favourite things we love.


One of the best things about summer is getting to be outside and enjoy the pleasant weather. Making the most of the outdoors is important for health and well being. With that in mind, these are some exciting ways to enjoy the open air this summer.


Ride a rollercoaster

One of the best things to do in a city during the summer is to spend a day at an amusement park. The fun is endless from thrilling rides that spin, twist and drop you to the water rides that are a sure way to cool you down on a hot summer’s day. Choose a theme park that fit’s your style such as Walt Disney World for the family or Busch Gardens for the adventurous rider. This day will be sure to end in laughs


Climb a mountain

Reaching the summit of a mountain is daunting at first but the inevitable feeling of reaching the summit and looking down at your achievement is nothing sort of a truly amazing feeling. Some may think that climbing a mountain means summiting one of the big 7, but there are many mountains that are able to be submitted in only a few hours and offer breathtaking views. The feeling of accomplishment with stay with you long after you’ve descended.


Ride in a boat

Summer is meant to be spent on the water. Pleasure crafts are the best way to make it happen. Get some friends together and grab the waterskis. If you don’t have access to a motor boat a paddle boat, canoe, kayak or a stand up paddle board can be just as much fun. Days spent on the water are not easily forgotten.


Take a camping trip

The feeling of “just getting away from it all” is one we all have from time to time and it’s infact a very healthy thing to do. Resetting your mind and clearing your thoughts. Camping is maybe the best way to do that. It does involve a bit of planning and preparation but once you are breathing in that fresh air it all becomes worth it.