Treat Yourself to a Local Health and Rejuvenation Vacation

There’s no doubt that I love to travel as far as possible and experience as much as possible. However, sometimes my budget isn’t as far reaching as my travel aspirations. To make sure I get a sufficient amount of ‘me time’, I balance international travel with local destinations, however, when I travel locally I like to make my trips a little more…relaxing. I’ve put together some of my top tips to a rejuvenating local vacation.


Give Camping a Try

Do you know what I love most about international travel? The great feeling of isolation that it can bring. To get this feeling when I’m traveling locally, I opt for a camping trip. Heading out into a local forest or less-populated camping spot provides the perfect space for me to relax and take my mind off things. Whether it’s just for a few days or a couple of weeks, getting back to nature is its own adventure and one that really helps to ground my mind and renew my sense of being.


Treat Yourself

Have you ever wanted to go away on a vacation and come back looking and feeling a little different? While movie-montages aren’t something which exist in the real world, if you’ve got the time, the services are certainly out there. Visit a city which you haven’t been to before and take some time to get your hair colored and cut with a new style, pick out a new wardrobe, or even treat yourself to a beauty treatment you’ve been interested in. A few laser hair removal sessions in Chicago can not only help you return feeling fresh but keep your travel costs down.


Find a Beach and Do Nothing

If there’s one thing which I love, it’s adventure. If there’s another thing which I love, it’s doing nothing! If your budget is looking particularly strict but you just know that you need to get away and unwind, a beach could be exactly what you need. On more than one occasion I’ve loaded up my tablet with a lot of books, turned off my cell phone and sat on a beach for days on end. Look for a small hotel which hosts a simple and clean room that’s within walking distance to a beach and you’re set. The last time I enjoyed one of these vacations I packed myself a picnic basket each morning from the local markets so that I rarely had to leave the sand. It was, for lack of a better word, bliss.


When it comes to a rejuvenation vacation it doesn’t have to be far away and it certainly doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to be rejuvenating.