Top 5 things to do in Philadelphia

Philly is a city filled with culture, famous for being the birthplace of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! But here, you’ll find much more than just historic landmarks and cobblestoned streets. There’s enough here to fill the appetites of anyone who loves great art, food, architecture, music and much more. It’s the unique blend of experiences that will keep Philadelphia in your mind and heart, long after you leave the city. So check out our top 5 things to do while you’re here:

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Bartram’s Gardens

These gorgeous meadows and gardens on the Schuylkill River were where George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and our other founding fathers used to go for their daily stroll. You’ll find an impressive array of native plants and a peaceful environment perfect for a quick escape from the city. Bring a picnic, soak in nature and imagine what it would have been like to hang out here back in the 1700’s.

Independence Hall

You can’t visit Philadelphia without experiencing some of the great historical landmarks here in the city. Back in 1787, the delegates kept the windows firmly shut to keep their debates totally secret! Today, you can take a tour but security is tight. You’ll need to purchase a ticket with a specific time to go for your visit. The interior is much the same as it was 250 years ago, down to George Washington’s “rising sun” chair.

Italian Market

Philly is home to a great melting pot of cultures, resulting in excellent food options. This market abounds with sights and smells, from sausages and tacos to fresh fruits, veggies and flowers. It’s one of the largest outdoor markets in the nation, so give yourself an afternoon to experience it all! You can try everything from Vietnamese food to vegetarian burgers, and of course excellent Italian-style pizza.

Check out an Eagle’s Game

One thing is for sure: Philadelphia loves its football! You can’t have a full on experience in Philly until you go experience a Philadelphia Eagles game. The fans are crazy and the whole experience will have you on your feet. No matter which team you root for, you can’t help but get caught up in the excitement of the game! And don’t forget to leave without an Eagles jersey of your own to document the experience.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

If you’re an art lover, you’ll be in heaven here at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The museum contains over 225,000 works including everything from colonial portraits to medieval armor, Philadelphia silver and works by Van Gogh and many other famous artists. Give yourself the day to soak in the art and culture, and then enjoy a cappuccino at one of the street cafes outside.

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