Water Thrill Seeking

People just love messing about on the water, or so the song goes, and there are so many options available to you it can be hard to choose. You might like to relax in your little dinghy floating about on a nice lake in the English countryside or travel down the canals of the industrial […]

A Good Walk Spoiled?

Someone once said that playing golf was the equivalent of a good walk spoiled, but millions of people around the world that play the sport can’t be wrong surely? The game itself was first known as simply stick and ball and is believed to have originated in Scotland in 1497 but as you can imagine […]

A Guide To The Nightlife Scene In Malta

Malta is an incredibly popular holiday destination, with plenty to see and a thriving tourist culture. The little patch of islands holds such a unique charm and there’s no better place to experience its vibrant and diverse culture than in its nightlife. There are attractions for visitors of all types in Malta after the sun’s […]

Can you visit Antarctica?

  You may have often wondered about the last continent on earth and what actually happens there, but the most interesting thing is that it is actually possible to visit this frozen wonderland. I recently got the once in a lifetime opportunity to go there and it was one of the greatest experiences of my […]

5 Tips For Visiting Antarctica

Believe it or not you can actually travel to Antarctica and with so much natural beauty it is understandable that people flock there every year. Can you imagine saying that you have been there? People will almost not believe you, but all bragging rights aside it will be truly something that you never forget. This […]

Vacation Like a Rockstar in LA

Los Angeles is probably home to the largest number of celebrities in the world due to its booming film and television industry. Celebrities are no stranger to the luxury lifestyle and if you’re going to go and visit why not embrace the celebrity lifestyle by pretending you are a celebrity for your holiday, here are […]