London what to do and where to go

One of the world’s most and inhabited visited cities, London has something for everyone to enjoy. From history to culture and from art to architecture, London is a virtual treasure trove of entertainment, learning and adventure. Kick back in your luxury suite in greater London and relax before you begin to take in the sights […]

Paying Tribute to the Victims of Terror

It seems that every week, somewhere in the world, innocent people are getting killed or injured due to a terrorist attack. We have almost become immune to the constant bombing attacks that occur in Iraq, even though the American presence was supposed to stabilise the situation. Even in Africa, currently in Sudan, violence is brewing […]

Money troubles when abroad?

Having problems with money while overseas is something that gives many people nightmares when they are planning a trip, but while it may sound like a minefield, negotiating it is easy for those who understand what help is available and that follow some basic budgeting principles. Simple money management First of all it is important […]

Disney World vs. Disneyland

There are two Disney resorts in the United States: California’s Disneyland is the original Disney theme park, inaugurated by Walt Disney in 1955; the other, the massive Disney World Resorts, is a huge complex spread across 47 square miles near Orlando, Florida. Despite the fact that the same company owns both resorts, which is the […]